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All About Nursing Jobs in Australia

By Avkash H Kakdiya

Today there are more choices available to nurses than ever before particularly in terms of where and when to work. There is and will continue to be for some time to come a worldwide shortage of Nurses. This has come about through a number of factors these include, improvements in medical technology, procedures and medication that have all contributed to the growth of the healthcare sector and more importantly life expectancy of the general population. In tern this has created an increased demand for aged care services too, further increasing the shortage of Nurses. This has meant that there is no shortage of work for qualified Nurses and nursing jobs in many areas are plentiful.

As in all parts of the world nursing jobs in Australia are always in demand. The Australian government has made it relatively easy to get a work visa for nurses as long as their training and work experience meets specific criteria. After the USA and UK, Australia is one of the best countries to look for a nursing career. When you search online for nursing jobs in Australia, you will find a large number of recruitment agencies providing facilities and options regarding job opportunities. Before thinking or applying for nursing jobs in Australia, it is mandatory for nurses to register with the national registration body AHPRA.

Australia is a relatively welcoming country for nurses who wish to migrate however they need to have their qualification assessed before applying. There are many countries whose healthcare systems are similar to that of Australia and fewer checks are required. In some circumstances your documents may are needed to be sent to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs for migration for assessment by the Australian Nursing Council Incorporated. Currently nursing jobs in Australia are in high demand and visa applications for this category receive priority processing. Nurses need to be in good health and are required to pass a health examination.

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Working In Australia As A Temporary Resident: 457 Visas Explained

By Otto Dargan

What is a temporary resident visa?
This visa allows organisations to employ overseas workers to fill nominated skilled positions. The mining and IT industries hire the bulk of sponsored employees that move to Australia. You are allowed to live in work in Australia from one day up to four years.

Can anyone apply to be a temporary resident?
An employer can only sponsor a temporary resident if the job meets particular criteria:

  • Full time
  • A minimum period of 1 day to up to 4 years
  • Meet the minimum wage criteria (varies depending on the industry)
  • Be for an occupation which is recognised to be in short supply in Australia.
The person who is applying to be a temporary resident must be:
  • Accepted by an employer & be sponsored by them on a 457 Visa.
  • Must have the required skills and training to complete the job they have been hired for.
  • Must meet particular health checks, English skills tests & character checks.

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